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For those of you that started flying what are now known as Light Sport Aircraft, i.e.-Microlights, Ultralights, Hang Gliders,and Paragliders, after the year 1996, you may have never heard of "Second Chantz Aerial Survival Equipment, Inc." one of the world leaders in developing ballistic deployed parachute systems that can save whole aircraft and their occupants during extreme emergencies. That company was closed down in 1996 after producing over 4000 recovery systems since 1983, and documenting over 70 saves. This is the "short" story of that company, it's people, history, accomplishments, and its Reincarnation here in 2010.

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The Ballistic News

The Ballistic News
Out Last Newsletter Cover, 1996

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Back to our Beginnings - A Tribute to Our Founder

Steve Lantz, of Incline Village, Nevada, was the original founder of Second Chantz Aerial Survival Equipment, Inc. in 1982. Thus... the name Chantz came into existence. During his career, Steve has flown just about every type of aircraft, from the early days as a Naval Aviator in Vietnam, Hang Gliding around the world, then clear up to thousands of hours in DC 8's...Steve originally developed the wing mounted parachute pod that performed flawlessly when early ultralight aircraft pilots pulled that ripcord. It was ingeniously simple... Bomb-bay doors opened up the pod and released a drogue chute dragging the parachute in a deployment bag out for a fast 3 second opening time. When Steve decided to go on to other ventures, John stepped up and took over the company in early 1984. Steve has had us equip many of his exotic flying machines over the years. Steve and his wife Patricia pose by their "Tahoe Special" 400HP Corvette powered seaplane.

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