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For those of you that started flying what are now known as Light Sport Aircraft, i.e.-Microlights, Ultralights, Hang Gliders,and Paragliders, after the year 1996, you may have never heard of "Second Chantz Aerial Survival Equipment, Inc." one of the world leaders in developing ballistic deployed parachute systems that can save whole aircraft and their occupants during extreme emergencies. That company was closed down in 1996 after producing over 4000 recovery systems since 1983, and documenting over 70 saves. This is the "short" story of that company, it's people, history, accomplishments, and its Reincarnation here in 2010.

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The Ballistic News

The Ballistic News
Out Last Newsletter Cover, 1996

Saturday, November 27, 2010

550 Pound Capacity Soft Pack System Developed for 103 Trike


I wanted to write and thank you for the prompt and professional way you provided a ballistic chute for the Astra 103.

I was at my wits end with both G*****y and B*S over their unbelievably poor customer service and bare faced lies. It is inconceivable to me that either of these companies will continue in business in any meaningful long term way with their current attitude to their customers.

You did what you said you would and the chute was exactly as promised. It fitted like a glove and my customer was very happy. I could not ask for more.

Once again many thanks


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